Thursday, March 7, 2013

"The Land I Love"

Neighbor and good friend with a son in the program.
She is like the neighborhood big sister, always a helpful hand and some sound advice. 

Boys speaking part

His teacher Ms. Mills. He loves her

A few weeks ago Gabe participated in his first grade patriotic program held right before president's day, and I thought it was just wonderful. It was obvious that the teachers and students had put a lot of hours into preparing. All the students had a speaking part, had memorized a patriotic poem, the preamble, the pledge of allegiance and a number of patriotic songs. They made and displayed patriotic artwork and even had a slide show at the end. I loved it. I thought it was adorable. You could tell Gabe was dragging there at the end since it was over an hour, but over all he was very enthusiastic. When he preformed his part and songs at home you could just see the sun shine on his precious six year old face. He was proud of himself for memorizing and I was proud of him for trying so hard. Six, it's a good age. Especially for this little guy.


  1. Good for Gabe. I love school program!

  2. I'm proud of him too!
    Colorado is in for a treat.

  3. What a great program for the children, and good for Gabe. I'm sure your heart was so proud of your sweet Gabe.