Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Play Time

 I have boys- Three in fact. And if it were up to them, they would just play. ALL-DAY-LONG. It is kind of fun to watch them create or work together on something though. This is part of a huge geo-trax set Mimi gave them for Christmas that they've had fun playing with. It's best feature is that you can build different levels and it's not just a flat track. 
Sticky hands from grandpa

Doing the fireman carry with the help of cousin Roger. 

Opps! Fell down 

And their MOST FAVORITE part of Sunday night dinners- wrestling with the older cousins. 


  1. How fun! Still haven't seen him - so long! Boys play the best!

  2. I need to ship Mason out there. He's outnumbered here.

  3. Oh, what fun to play with cousin Yonder, and I'll bet he was having lots of fun as well.