Monday, February 25, 2013

High Five

Look who just turned 5! This is David the Determined. He is my squeaky wheel that usually gets the grease. My favorite things about David include:

His great hugs, he's very cuddly. Just don't squeeze too hard he says.
His excited eyes. Whenever he gets really happy his eyes grow wide with joy.
His building skills. Just put him with any small building material like blocks, beads, legos etc and he'll make it happen.
The way he plays with Ruthie. She LOVES him. He will carry her around and tickle her and get her to laugh almost at will.
His maturity. Sometimes I would forget he was just 4, he acts 6 or 7.
How he likes to share things out of the blue that he has learned. "A triangle has three corners. Five plus five is ten ..."
How we like to spend time together playing board games or cooking, just me and him. 

He's great! We LOVE you DAVID!!!