Friday, May 11, 2012

Everything but the game

We took the kidos to a BYU women's softball game a few weeks ago and it was a chilly spring day. (I'll take chilly over 90 any day) By the time the sun went down we were all wearing our coats. Despite the weather and the fact that softball isn't real interesting if you are a small child, the boys still had fun. Zach and I enjoyed watching the Cougars score a victory over the other team while our children climbed over seats, ate snacks, ran around and did other really wonderful small boy stuff. 

Its a bad picture, I know, but this is Mac getting acquainted with someone in the BYU dugout. 
He's a friendly little bug. 

During the 7th inning stretch the fans got up to do the Hanna Montana dance. A bunch of tiny-boppers led by the husky fellow in the white shirt. He was a little too good. I had a good chuckle. 

Us girls just trying to stay warm. 

 The real reason we came- fireworks. The boys all agreed that this was their favorite part.

Till next year BYU women's softball. 


  1. That is a cute picture of you dancing to stay warm!

  2. The Orem Owlz have a few fireworks games too. I don't know which, but we see them from our house all the time.