Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Graham Cracker Bethlehem

 Gingerbread houses are always a good way to get rid of part of the Halloween stash left over from two months previous. I decided to take the less- baking intense approach, and use Graham crackers instead of homemade gingerbread. I even used hot glue instead of icing to build the houses so they would be more stable. Not that I mind spending 3 house constructing the bases, it just seems like a waste if no one actually eats the house, which they don't. Everyone was excited but Lincoln was our most enthusiastic participant. Even after the actual decorating was over he kept inviting Alara to come over and look at the inns of Bethlehem that didn't let Jesus in. He literally had his excited voice on for HOURS. And do we still have Halloween candy on January 10th? Yes we do. I think it has lost some of it's appeal. 

Notice Lincoln's chubby little cheeks helping himself to some candy

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