Saturday, April 29, 2017

Day after Hunt

     Six months ago I came clean about Santa and all other fictionalized house visitors, including the Easter Bunny. It was liberating and the children took it surprisingly well. The older three boys already didn't believe and the younger two weren't old enough to really care, so the only bubble I was afraid of popping was Ruth's. I explained that we can still have presents and egg hunts, we will just know that it is mom and dad instead of magical characters that come to our home. She contemplated the ramifications of this revelation and decided that that was OK. 
     In light of our new family honesty, I decided that our egg hunt would be held the day AFTER Easter when candy was 50% off. Twice the candy. Instead, I gave them more spiritual gifts on Easter Sunday and saved the hunt till the next day.  We had been doing it the Saturday before Easter for a few years anyway since, "he doesn't work on Sundays." 
      I had David help me stuff eggs with candy and the older three boys hid the candy for the younger three in the back yard. Zach and I hid the more tricky eggs in the front yard so that the Gabe, David, and Mac could still participate. Two thumbs up for this tradition. 

Easter egg dance 



All my bunnies

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  1. So there won't be any magic for the little ones. Kind of sad. I was always thrilled when Santa came, the Easter bunny and the tooth fairy. Guess it is a different era now. There's nothing wrong with a little magic in one's life. They eventually find out anyway. I love all the pictures--they are all so cute. Love, Aunt Shirley