Monday, January 9, 2017

Little man turns 3!

In an age of Instagram and Facebook I'm going to continue with the family blog, at least for a while. This little guy turned three right before Thanksgiving. I made 4 pies and 1 cake on his birthday and we ended up freezing half the cake and two pies so we didn't go into dessert overload. A breakfast doughnut tower, family trip to Fly High trampoline zone, and a few age appropriate gifts later we were all tuckered out. Although he has finally discovered the word no (unfortunately) most of the time Lincoln is a delightful little boy. He has just started Sunbeams, loves to sing, enjoys being read to, loves to play chase and tickle, can recognize his letters and knows what sounds they make, and is still totally squeezable. He told me this morning, "David is awesome and I'm his little buddy." (I wonder where he got that from... ) Lincoln does make a great little buddy. Oh and instead of "hero" and "zero" he says "herio" and "zerio", it's pretty cute. 

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