Saturday, September 24, 2016

11 months

She's got balance. She's got personality. She's got a pony tail sprout. She's got biped mobility. She's got WORDS! Miss Alara-lara has visibly changed quite a lot this past month. She took her first steps the week before she turned eleven months and is growing more confident in her strides. It is funny to watch baby girl test the waters because she still uses a lead foot and drags the back one instead of picking it up. She is elated when she succeeds in covering a predetermined distance and we all cheer for her. We've got a little explorer, crawling  and walking all over the house, investigating her world. Her facial expressions are also a hoot, especially her disgruntled look when she furrows her eyebrows. Ruth calls her a baby unicorn when I put Alara's hair into a tiny adorable pony tail sprout. Attempted words and phrases include, "Dada", "Mom", "All done", "Hi", and"Good girl". My baby is getting to be a big girl:sniff:: Happy-Sad.

She is waving hi and showing us the green marker she got on her hand right before we took these.