Tuesday, August 9, 2016

School Awards

Mac as a kindergartner just excelled at school the whole year (except maybe in handwriting) and will be starting 2nd grade math in the fall. He is also a stellar reader for his age and just overall extremely bright. I can't claim any of this as a parent. He was the easiest of the three boys to teach to read - took about a month last summer.- and just needs very little help from my part.  David received 2 classroom awards for Science and Geography, but those aren't even really his favorite subjects, just one's that he happened to get the highest grade in. Gabe is the real story though. He struggled mightily this year, first with behavioral problems (they have a rule for everything at Ridgeview) and then once that was under control, with his grades. But he persevered and steadily improved. In fact, he won most improved for his whole grade, one of 4 special awards given for each grade level. Zach was the one who got to watch him receive the award and teared up, knowing how hard he (and we) had worked this year. We are so proud of you boys! 

Gabe also won aspiring author for his classroom

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