Wednesday, February 3, 2016

4 years of Sugar and Spice

Ruth Anne Hutchins
Four going on wonderful. She loves everything feminine and joyful. Pink and purple, dresses and sparkles, dancing and prancing. She loves to giggle, squeal, color, and play dress up. Ruth is quite adept at teaching her self new skills like buttoning buttons and zipping zippers. Just recently she started to read and, since her cast came off, begun to write. Four is a beautiful spongy age where children just soak up knowledge when it's poured on. We are lucky to have this bright penny in our home. 

What better way to celebrate a January birthday than with Olaf? True to the movie, he started "melting" during the party. We sang Happy Birthday before his head could fall off.  

Elsa and Ana from the Frozen movie

Playing with "Troll slime"

"What shall I wish for this year..."

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