Saturday, December 26, 2015

Alara 2 months and all smiles

At her two month check up:
Weight 10.0 lb- 5%
23 inches long- 50% 

This is a wonderful little baby to have around. She likes to coo and smile at you and we often have little baby "conversations" with her. Alara's delicate features contrast with my last chubby cherub and she is a light weight compared to my other children at two months who were all at least 12 lb. She is less of a "chunkin" and more of a flower petal. She will even sleep for 6 hours at a time which I consider a success at 2 months. The only sad thing about her is that we haven't been able to share her with more of our loved ones because we know you would enjoy having her around as much as we do.