Thursday, September 17, 2015

Three First day and a Photobomer

         Mac started Kindergarten last week and absolutely loves it. He was super excited to begin school at Ridgeview. This is due partially to his older brothers and partially because we have been talking it up a lot. The little smarty pants already knows how to read and write, add and subtract and even multiply a little bit but there is so much more that he will enjoy learning this year. During his first week he told me that he learned the seven continents and how not to exclude people. I told him that the seven continents were important but that not excluding people was even more important and that he would need to remember that the rest of his life. All three boys seem to be off to a good start. Gabe's summer math work has paid off and they let him move into 6th grade math. This is great since when he started at Ridgeview he was a grade behind, now he is two grades ahead. I know it will be challenging, but I hope they all have a wonderful year.

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