Monday, June 1, 2015

Visit From the East Coast

Grandpa Ogarek came out for a visit last week to ring in the summer and brought along two stowaways in his suitcase. Two of my sister's children- Scarlett (5yr) and Owen (8yr)- came to enjoy some cousin time. With a house of ten people we were pretty full but also full of fun. Grandpa graced us with his magic disappearing foot trick during the talent portion of Family Home Evening and even won the trust of Dimples enough to have him sit on Grandpa's lap for books. Among other things we made trips to the children's museum, playground, library, and church gym to get out some energy but Aunt Alana also put them to work pulling rocks out of the garden. Hopefully it was worth it. Grandpa pitched in too and now at least that job is complete. We look forward to my dad joining us in Fort Collins permanently in about a year or so after he sells his house in North Carolina. 

Oh the Fun you can have with a Box!

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