Saturday, March 21, 2015

Snow Ranch

Happy Spring Break! I wanted to get out of town this Spring break so I asked my friends if they had any plans and tagged along with a family headed to Snow Ranch in Granby, CO. There is a place there run by the YMCA called Snow Ranch that offers a wide variety of family activities including swimming, tubing, crafts, a rec center, snow shoeing, cross country skiing, and ice skating. Unfortunately the mapquest road we set off to to take was closed 80% of the way up the mountain so we had to turn around and take a different route turning what would have been a 2.5 hour drive into a 5 hour drive. That was hard on everyone, especially Lincoln, who only slept 40 minutes and did not appreciate being strapped in to the torture chamber that long. The way back home seemed relatively short by comparison. Aside from having to sleep all seven of us in one hotel room and Zach and I stepping through the snow up to our thighs, all enjoyed the trip. I would definitely go again.

being pulled up and down the tubing hill just lulled this little one to sleep-bump, bump,bump

one of Mac's favorite activities is to climb on the snow piles

The original cabins from the 1800's 

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