Friday, February 6, 2015

Sunday Guests

 This is our weekly Sunday visitor- Kylan Rice. He was one of Zach's students at BYU and serendipitiously  came out here to CSU to complete a masters in creative writing. It's like having one of Zach's nephews back in town. Basically Kylan is as close to family as you get without actually sharing any blood. The whole family loves him, especially little Mac. Last week he brought a special guest...

Lara. She's great. Perky is the first word I would use to describe her although she is also beautiful and smart. And strong! She and Kylan met in the English department here at CSU because Lara is also pursuing a masters at CSU. We'll keep you posted on the developments. (Mostly I just wanted to take a picture of her with both the bigger boys on her back at one time.)

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