Saturday, October 11, 2014

First Day Butterflies

Don't Judge. I know school started a month and a half ago. It's been busy around here. I'm sure you can relate

The first day is a mixture of excitement and dread. Will I make friends? Will I like my teachers? Will they like me? It's no different around here. We've had some bumps and challenges in the last two month, but over all, they are doing just fine. 
Standing next to 'his' apple tree -6 1/2 years, 1st grade

next to 'his' peach tree- 8 yr, 3rd grade

2 1/2 yr starting mommy preschool

She wanted me to curl her hair for the first day of preschool 

Next to the Mac apple tree- 4 1/2 yr


  1. I'm judging.

    Verdict: cuteness.

  2. Oh, they are getting so big. Nice pictures.

  3. ^^ what Aaron said.
    And can I mention how much I love when kids are growing into their grown up teeth? Gabe. Awesome.
    That is all.