Monday, September 22, 2014


     Recruited. Happily So.  Picker of the yellow and purple beans and about 30 pounds of summer squash. You know it is a lot of gourd if you have to remember to lift the giant silver bowl with your legs and not your back. 

     Gardening is a love I share in common with my mother-in-law Priscilla. It is an exciting thing to see the plant life cycle go from seed all the way to these massive fruiting vines. Cultivating life cannot be over rated; neither can any project you start with God as your partner. I love how she is always sharing her crop with not just the family and ward but also the town. (Mostly joyful recipients of these vegetables, sometimes not so grateful.) I plan to bronze these yellow boots of hers one day. They are an apt symbol for all the hard-working, sharing, feeding, giving, Christian qualities she posses. What do you think Mom? Put me in the will for one pair of yellow rubber boots would you

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