Friday, July 18, 2014

The summer of the Chore Chart

     Now that summer is more than half way over (8 weeks out, 6 to go) I thought I'd give a progress report. Before the boys got out of school I decided that this was going to be a productive summer as well as fun. Hence the chore chart. One dish chore, one other chore, bed making, learning time,and for the older two music. Payment for said chores is $.50 a day paid on Saturdays. It takes us till about 10:00 am to finish all of this with me floating among the three boys and the two little ones. Zach also helps until he goes down to work. Overall I would say this experiment has been a success but in case you don't have kids or forget what it's like, me tell you what, getting kids to do chores is a chore! Even when they are as good as these boys. 

1 comment:

  1. It's a FANTASTIC summer plan, but it's even more of a chore for MOM, who has to supervise all these chores!! Good for you, Alana. Work is important. And you do PLENTY!!