Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Gabe's Baptism

         My sweet eight year old is baptized. It was a lovely morning, if not a little bit long for the younger kids. Gabe was a champ and sat reverently while the children in other wards were baptized at this stake event, but with nothing to do #2-4 got the wiggles. Our primary kids, including my three boys, sang "I stand All Amazed" and Gabe sang with great gusto. Perhaps not exactly on key, but he definitely made a joyful noise. There were two wonderful youth speakers on baptism and the holy ghost and then Zach did the actual baptizing. Gabe considered asking Grandpa Barry who was visiting to perform the ordinance, but sort of late in the game. Welcome Gabe. Welcome to the church and welcome to the rest of your life with the Holy Ghost as a companion. 

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  1. Forget the baptism, let's talk dress and shoes! Love it! You look fab! So fashonista! Go girl!

  2. He's such a handsome eight year old! And your family is BEAUTIFUL.