Sunday, April 20, 2014

Two Peas

I feel as though I was a lot like Ruth as a child. Mom, Dad, can you verify? We are two peas in a pod her and I. 95% sweet, 5% sassy. Always singing parts of songs and forgetting the rest. Dancing around the house when the beat moves us. Terrible 'cheese' smiles but cute natural facial expressions. I'm so glad I have a little girl. She has only recently learned the difference between a girl and a boy in the last few months and as with many other two year olds, she constantly narrates her world - 

"Mommy, you're a girl." 
"Yes dear"
"I'm a girl. "
"Yes dear"
"Daddy's a boy. Gabey's a boy. Doggy is a boy. "
"Yes Ruthie"
"And I'm a girl." 
"Yes. I'm a girl and you are a girl. "

Thanks for coming to our family Ruthie!

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