Thursday, March 27, 2014

Family Picture With Grandpa

On Saturday our family flew back from North Carolina after an 11 day extended spring vacation and I am just beginning to feel like things are settling back to normal. "Behind' is not an adequate term for my 'to-do'list but I wanted to post this picture (thanks to Robbie for taking it) before it got lost in the recesses of forgotten files. Here is my dad with all his posterity to date- 2 daughters and 9 grandchildren- 4 girls, 5 boys. Owen and Gabe are 4 1/2 months apart, David and Riley are 6 weeks apart, Kenny and Scarlett are 7 weeks apart, Ruth is all by herself, and Lincoln and Julianna are 4 weeks apart. Good times with cousins if not a little, OK a LOT, on the crazy side. More spring break posts to come. 


  1. What a great picture of everyone! He must be so proud to have all of his grandchildren around him. He looks happy.

  2. This amazing! He must truly be happy. You girls are good! Love that they're so close together! (Taking some credit on this side with Miller, 6 months from Gabe, and Breyer ;-)