Friday, May 31, 2013

Dorthy... or maybe the Good Witch

Zach wanted me to take a picture of Ruthie in this outfit because it is the same outfit Dorthy would have been wearing in the original Wizard of Oz book- silver slippers, not red and of course the blue gingham.  He also says the original Dorthy is about 5 not 16 but I can't vouch, I haven't read the book yet. Zach did read it to the older two boys, maybe I should ask them. Dorthy was obviously not in very good spirits that morning. Not exactly up for a photo shoot. She just wanted to be grumpy that I wouldn't let her get in the car and mess with all the buttons. We all have our days. 


  1. She needs her Toto! I loved that dress! One of my absolute favorites!

  2. You've got a good brain, real heart and C-C-COURAGE to keep little Dorothy away from those buttons. You must be the WIZARD!!